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Almost In Love

Directed by Sam Neave, Starring Alex Karpovsky, Marjan Neshat, Gary Wilmes, Alan Cumming

Almost In Love still

US, 2012, 83 min, HDCam, BluRay

A love story shot in two continuous, 40 minute takes, set

eighteen months apart: the first over a sunset, the second over a 


Now available to rent on iTunes, Amazon Video-on-Demand, Google Play, YouTube, and on-demand via Comcast, Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, and Cox Networks


  • February 15th, 2013
  • reRun Theater
    Featuring appearances by Sam Neave, Alan Cumming, Alex Karpovsky, Marjan Neshat, Brandon Harris, Adam Leon, and Daniel McKeown
  • Brooklyn, NY