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Inquiring Nuns

strikingly honest meditation on the complexities of well-being and the importance of connecting with other people.

Happiness is an Inquiring Nun Meg Shields, NonFics
Inquiring Nuns

Handled with such surpassing understanding that it becomes a quite profound and moving experience for the viewer… a marvelous revelation of our time and ourselves.

Richard Christiansen, Chicago Daily News, 1968
Inquiring Nuns

A provocative meditation on the complexities of happiness as well as a moving ode to the vitality of human connection. It serves as a refreshing rebuke to our modern political climate favoring bullying and division over understanding and unity.

Matt Fagerholm,, 2016
Inquiring Nuns

Quinn and Temaner are filmmakers and "inquiring reporters" with great insight, and a lot to tell us about ourselves.

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times, 1968
Inquiring Nuns

A lovely, weirdly potent time capsule... a single, polyphonic ode to late '67 Chicago and what was on the mind of its collective citizenry.

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune, 2016

Argot put SACRED on the map. MORE

Tom Lennon, Director/Producer, Sacred