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The Magnificent Meyersons

The new film tells the tale of an extraordinary New York mishpocha hiding a toxic family secret

Atlanta Jewish Times
The Magnificent Meyersons

Exceptional acting from an amazing cast

Jewish Voice & Opinion
The Magnificent Meyersons

Filled with engaging performances and an interesting perspective, “The Magnificent Meyersons” is a disarming sort of film

The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews
The Magnificent Meyersons

Richard Kind spoke about the upcoming film, The Magnificent Meyersons

Solzy at the Movies
The Magnificent Meyersons

A wonderful life drama, showing everyone how important listening can become

Movie Reviews 101
The Magnificent Meyersons

Well crafted by writer-director Evan Oppenheimer who not only creates a gallery of interesting people but of multiple, compelling relationships

Medved’s Entertainment Minute

Filmmaker-friendly. Responsive. Innovative. Level-headed. Hard-working. Transparent. MORE

Beth Harrington, Director, The Winding Stream: The Carters, The Cashes & The Course Of Country Music