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It was a pleasure to work with Jim Browne and Argot Pictures during the festival and theatrical release of River City Drumbeat, which changed into a virtual release due to the pandemic in the spring of 2020. Argot's extensive experience and relationships with independent theaters and festivals helped make River City Drumbeat's virtual cinema release a wonderful success, with screenings in premiere festivals and over 40 theaters nationwide. During this incredibly difficult year, River City Drumbeat’s journey to film audiences in this new virtual landscape was a bright and positive endeavor with fantastic outcomes.

Anne Flatté and Marlon Johnson, Director/Producers, River City Drumbeat, River City Drumbeat

Jim Browne and Argot Pictures were truly excellent in releasing The Silence of Others in US theaters. The film first premiered in NY, SF and LA, where Argot worked hard to arrange partnerships and panel discussions to “eventize” the theatrical screenings. Argot oversaw publicity in major cities, and handled press directly for dozens of smaller engagements, helping to build up interest in the film across the country in the months prior to its PBS POV broadcast. Jim is incredibly collaborative, always responds quickly and has real vision for how a theatrical release can fit into the bigger picture of a film’s life, in these ever-changing times!

Robert Bahar, Producer/Director, THE SILENCE OF OTHERS, The Silence of Others

Straightforward, honest and always available, Jim not only crafted a successful release for Five Seasons but made it a wholly positive experience as well. As a filmmaker involved in theatrical distribution for the first time, I’ve kept my sanity intact only because Jim struck the ideal balance of lightening my workload enormously while still educating me every step of the way. His belief in the importance of films finding a communal audience approaches the heroic.

Tom Piper, Director, Five Seasons: The Gardens Of Piet Oudolf

Taking a personal, hands-on approach, Jim far exceeded our expectations in booking Sacred widely in theaters and other venues throughout the US. Filmmakers working with him should feel confident that he is experienced and knowledgeable, sincere and honest, completely accessible and responsive, and in this crazy business for all the right reasons. That said, his catalogue speaks for itself.

Justin Levy, Associate Producer, Sacred

Jim Browne worked magic when he took on SACRED I figured we’d get a handful of screenings. Instead, he landed us week-long runs in LA and NYC which in turn got us all kinds of press. And then every week it seemed, another email telling us we’d been booked in Seattle, or Houston, Albuquerque or Boston, at a museum or an art house or community gathering. Long before our PBS broadcast (which doesn’t come til 2018) Jim put SACRED on the map.

Tom Lennon, Director/Producer, Sacred

I wouldn’t have done it any other way. After receiving other offers, I chose Jim Browne and Argot to manage and execute the theatrical release of Swim Team and am so pleased with the results. Jim and his team are so proactive, professional and knowledgeable and took my film to another level of availability and visibility that helped our overall distribution plan significantly. I’d be happy to work with them again.

Lara Stolman, Director/Producer, Swim Team

Working with Jim Browne was an incredible experience. After slaving away for years on my film, and shepherding it through the film festival circuit, it was a huge relief when Argot Pictures jumped onboard to manage our theatrical distribution — it gave the film, and me, a new jolt of life. I’m so proud of everything that the film has accomplished thus far, and some of the biggest milestones are due to Jim and Argot. I can’t thank them enough.

Sharon Shattuck, Director, From This Day Forward

Jim Browne and Argot Pictures truly love films and work tirelessly on behalf of the films they distribute. Distributing independent docs in today’s landscape can be a bit like pushing a huge boulder up a very steep hill, but with Argot on your side, the experience feels weightless. They are refreshingly straightforward and collaborative, and they will really listen to your goals as a filmmaker. I feel so lucky that we were able to work with them.

Martha Shane, Producer, From This Day Forward

Working with Argot was great because they were as driven to see our film succeed as we were and they worked hard to make it happen. That was a very nice thing to discover at the end of the long process of making the film.

John Pirozzi, Director, Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock And Roll

I can’t imagine a better distributor than Argot for our documentary. Jim Browne and the rest of the Argot team were hands-on from the outset, always accessible, thoughtful and insightful, and succeeded in getting the film widespread attention and placement during both its theatrical and digital release. We relied on their expertise at every turn and were never disappointed. The personal attention filmmakers get from Argot is truly remarkable and such a refreshing alternative to other outfits claiming to offer the same standard of service. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Andrew Pope, Producer, Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock And Roll

Filmmaker-friendly. Responsive. Innovative. Level-headed. Hard-working. Transparent. These are a few of my favorite things about Jim Browne and Argot Pictures.

Beth Harrington, Director, The Winding Stream: The Carters, The Cashes & The Course Of Country Music

Jim Browne is a smart, honest, straight shooter who loves films and works hard to get them seen. In the ten years since Argot released Street Fight, he has only grown more experienced and connected in the industry.

Marshall Curry, Academy-Award Nominated Director, Street Fight

It was a pleasure working with Argot Pictures. Jim gave us his full attention and created a distribution plan that gave us the broad exposure we were looking for. He truly cared for the film and pushed for its success. Thank you, Argot!

Sarah Price, Director, Summer Camp

Jim's honesty and candid nature make him a very rare find in this world. I would happily distribute all my films through Argot.

Jessica Oreck, Director, Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

Argot Pictures is single-handedly responsible for getting us the audience and critical response required to be offered a lucrative two-year Netflix deal. This in turn got the right eyes on our small documentary, which is now in pre-production to be remade as a studio narrative feature. For an independent film, it is a rare thing to make a substantial profit and we owe this entirely to the hard work and impressive industry connections that Argot provided. We're already planning on using them to put out our second feature, which was only made possible by the funding that Argot helped us to receive.

Spencer McCall, Director, The Institute

We were very pleased that Jim Browne chose our film to work with. It turned out to be a perfect fit for us. He saw, as we did, the potential for theatrical for the film and scaled it to the film's possibilities. He did a superb job with the launch in the San Francisco Bay Area and screenings in select markets in the US. He was able to keep it within our budget, as well as maximizing the resources and utilizing press to complement social media and other outreach. We enjoyed working with him and strategizing together, which felt really good and appropriate for the down to earth subject of our film and the way we like to work.

Maureen Gosling, Director, This Ain't No Mouse Music!

For any indie filmmaker looking for thoughtful, creative and professional distribution, their first call should be to Argot Pictures. Jim Browne brings a hands-on approach to film distribution that is both personal and professional. A terrific resource for all filmmakers. Argot Pictures has been wonderful for me and my films, breathing new life into every project with a thoughtful and personal touch.

Ben Niles, Director, Note By Note: The Making Of The Steinway L1037

Jim worked tirelessly to get our film booked and I couldn't be happier with the results. Notable reviews including Roger Ebert, week-long runs in NYC and LA (and äóÖcritics' picks' as well), multiple sold-out screenings in my home town of Philly, and screenings in dozens of other cities.

Jon Foy, Director, Resurrect Dead: The Mystery Of The Toynbee Tiles

Jim Browne and Argot did a terrific job working for us on the release. We were operating on a shoestring budget, and what impressed me most was how Jim stayed with the film, and continued to make a series of small but important bookings, long after other distributors would have thrown in the towel. I'm not sure there's anyone who can give you a bigger bang for your buck. Most of all, Jim's a true lover of cinema, he only chooses films he believes in heart and soul, and he works his ass off for them. I couldn't recommend him more highly.

Doug Block, Executive Producer, Resurrect Dead: The Mystery Of The Toynbee Tiles

Jim and his team brought thoughtfulness and creativity to events we planned in more than a dozen cities, allowing us to reach more viewers and setting the stage for digital distribution. Jim is truly honest and forthright, and his years of experience and solid business connections are an asset to filmmakers that need help bringing their work into the public eye. I highly recommend Argot Pictures to anyone seeking a distribution partner that will enable them to release their projects successfully.

Julia Halperin, Director, Now, Forager, Now, Forager

Jim Browne and Argot Pictures made sure that my film had a great theatrical run. Thanks to a creative distribution approach, we were able to connect with audiences all around the country in unique and meaningful ways. I feel lucky to have worked with Argot, a company whose passionate support of independent film shows in everything they do.

Sascha Paladino, Director, Throw Down Your Heart

Argot Pictures is the filmmakers' distributor: dedicated, personalized and knowledgeable. Compared to others, they're a gourmet shop in a sea of fast food joints.

Vladan Nikolic, Director, Love

Throughout the entire process, Jim was enthusiastic, hard-working, transparent, passionate, and honest. He got us booked in better theaters than we could have hoped, qualified us for the Oscars, and handled everything from outreach to collections while taking a very reasonable fee. We even made money on the release! I would highly recommend him to any filmmakers.

Danielle DiGiacomo, Producer, Best Kept Secret

Jim was always a passionate supporter of Almost in Love and was committed to getting the film seen. We were very lucky to have Argot Pictures on our side. He has remained a great ally and was able to help broker a deal with Gravitas to secure a number of channels in what remains a challenging time for independent film distribution.

Sam Neave, Director, Almost In Love