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Rowdy Girl is a wonderfully concise look at this woman’s change of heart and diet after the dime dropped that she was hurting animals in a way she could not square anymore

April Neale, Alliance of Women Film Journalists

"Rowdy Girl will make you think twice about ordering that hamburger the next time you are out."

Courtney Small, Point of View Magazine
I Went To The Dance (J'ai Été Au Bal)

We all are lucky to be invited to this exuberant dance.

C.J. Hirschfield, EatDrinkFilms
I Went To The Dance (J'ai Été Au Bal)

Most of the musicians in this fantastic film are little known.

Lincoln Spector, Bayflicks
I Went To The Dance (J'ai Été Au Bal)

I Went to the Dance” is a colorful record of its era, filled with music from some of the best to ever do it

Louisiana’s Cajun music comes alive in ‘I Went to the Dance’ Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle

Refreshingly straightforward and collaborative MORE

Martha Shane, Producer, From This Day Forward