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Directed by Thomas Lennon

Sacred still

US, 2016, 86 min, in English, Burmese, Japanese, Amharic, Malagasy, Arabic, French, Pashtu, Marathi, Hebrew, Krio, Tagalog, Nepalese, Punjabi, Polish, Haitian Creole, Spanish


Intimate...kaleidoscopic...we see personal notes of grace and meaning.

New York Times

a reminder that for millions of people of faith all over the world, religion is about small but significant moments of hope, affirmation and reflection.

New York Times - Sunday Arts & Leisure

Moving...deeply personal....the film articulates a concept of universal humanity.

Los Angeles Times

A feast for the eyes.


A fascinating tapestry of human belief.

Spirituality & Practice

A cinematic leap of faith.

Film Journal International

A great movie for jaded Atheist urbanites.

The Stranger

Does a fine job of bringing various religions to light.

East Bay Express

Downright transcendent.


A ray of hope.

Santa Fe New Mexican

Purely observational, kinetic cinema and, some might say, even a kind of prayer.

America The Jesuit Review

A surprising new take on filmmaking.

Montclair Local

Celebrates humans' search for meaning.

Huffington Post

This is very much a timely and topical film, one that will encourage debate and discussion.

Yes Weekly

A visually breathtaking documentary.

Tribeca Shortlist

...a swirling whirlwind of customs, traditions, joy, agony...

Entertainment Weekly

..exquisite cinematography with vibrant light and shadow, striking use of color, and intimate portraits. It takes us into the very experience of the moment

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