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From This Day Forward

Directed by Sharon Shattuck, Produced by Martha Shane and Sharon Shattuck

From This Day Forward still

US, 2015, 76 min, in English

FROM THIS DAY FORWARD is the story of a love, and a family, that survived the most intimate of transformations.

"Personal, insightful and gently humorous."

-Toronto Star


Gently winning. Speaks volumes about love's adaptability.

New York Times Critics' Pick


San Francisco Chronicle

Personal, insightful and gently humorous.

Toronto Star

Eloquently explores her father's very intimate transition.


No, love isn't sweeping; it's putting brush to canvas and hand to hand. It's accepting imperfections. But it's also being willing to recognize the people we love for who they are, to note our own flaws and work to change them.

Village Voice

Forthright. Well-photographed.

Hollywood Reporter

Warm and winning. Perceptively lensed.

Film Journal International

Sympathetic. Highly personal.

The Globe And Mail

Thoughtful and moving.

Washington Blade

Intimate and deeply affecting. It's a must-see

Women's Enews

A love story as heartwarming and inspiring as it is unconventional.

Raleigh & Company

Very intimate. One to watch.

Toronto Film Scene

An exploration of the meaning of marriage, change, love, and being transgender as [the director] shines a light on her own parents.

Detroit Free Press

A loving portrait of her father. Refreshing.


When it comes to identity and love and acceptance, this thought-provoking film leaves us with much to chew on.

The Moving World

A great documentary.

After Ellen

Has my highest recommendation.

Films Etc.

A beautiful testament to how [the father-daughter] bond can transcend gender through understanding, patience and love.

Black Sheep Reviews

A very unconventional love story.


A touching look at romantic and familial love.