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American Casino

Directed by Leslie Cockburn, Produced by Andrew Cockburn & Leslie Cockburn

American Casino still

2009, 89 min

“I don’t think most people really understood that they were in a casino” says award-winning financial reporter Mark Pittman. “When you’re in the Street’s casino, you’ve got to play by their rules.”

This film explains how and why over $12 trillion of our money vanished into the AMERICAN CASINO...


TERRIFIC! a lucid and comprehensive picture of a rotten system

The New Yorker

There's a good documentary kicking around (American Casino) that connects the arrogant behavior of bankers in New York to the loss of homes and the destruction of neighborhoods during the economic meltdown [...]. Michael Moore's ‚ДъCapitalism: A Love Story‚Дщ is something else‚Доnot a good movie or a coherent exposition of the meltdown [...]

The New Yorker

Shocking...real life version of a horror film, meticulously structured.

New York Times

American Casino does a better job (than Michael Moore) with the questions surrounding massive housing foreclosures.

Los Angeles Times

...Indeed, Moore is the General Motors--the old, powerful version--of the doc community. Other people make nonfiction political films, and good ones... But (American) Casino, which plays like a superior edition of the PBS series Frontline, can now be seen in just a few theaters. It seems that doc films can thrive only if they star Michael Moore.

Time Magazine

When it comes to documentaries about the Wall Street meltdown, don't let all the hype for Michael Moore's<em>Capitalism: A Love Story </em>deter you from seeing a real gem of a movie, Leslie and Andrew Cockburn's American Casino.

The Daily Beast

A more sober, less personality-driven companion piece to Capitalism: A Love Story [...].

The Philadelphia Inquirer

When it comes to the intricacies of sub-prime mortgages and exotic derivatives, (Michael Moore) is far outdistanced by Leslie and Andrew Cockburn's heart-rending (and eminently accessible) American Casino.


If you're gonna go see one documentary this Fall, go see American Casino.

The Baltimore Sun

It's a relief to see a minimum of huffing and puffing on such a hot-button subject

The Boston Globe

You won't soon forget the therapist at Johns Hopkins who counsels recently homeless patients who've fallen into depression or substance abuse -- and then goes home to her own bitter foreclosure fight.

The Washington Post

If you haven't yet figured out why there are boarded-up homes in your neighborhood or why so many people are out of work, then American Casino is a good place to find answers.

The Providence Journal

American Casino shows how and why the meltdown happened. It should be required viewing.

Lincoln Journal Star

American Casino proves that understanding what caused the housing crisis and its effects on individuals, communities, and the economy isn't nearly as difficult as we've been led to believe. And to prevent this from happening again, it's vital that we understand how it happened and repudiate the failed ideology at its root.

The Huffington Post

Authoritative, far-reaching.

Village Voice

An intimate, terrifying document.


Sensationally effective... You'll never hear an economist explain derivatives again without thinking of the woman who walks away from the camera, weeping, as her mortgage broker refuses her check.

New York Magazine

American Casino is a powerful and shocking look at the subprime lending scandal. If you want to understand how the US financial system failed and how mortgage companies ripped off the poor, see this film.

The most powerful depiction of how the mortgage lending industry has ruined families, entire communities and our nation's economy. You must go see this film!'ll work up a healthy desire to throw a brick through Hank Paulson's window.

Time Out Chicago

No heist thriller could ever compete with this probing documentary. Critics Choice.

Chicago Reader

Cogent, sharp and infuriating

New City Chica

A revelatory howl against the still-gestating,

Slant Magazine