The Magnificent Meyersons

Directed by Evan Oppenheimer

The Magnificent Meyersons still

USA, 2021, 88 min

The Magnificent Meyersons follows a complicated New York City family as they discover on one extraordinary day that although life—and family—can sometimes shock you … it can also lead to miraculous new places.


Kate Mulgrew Returns To Space And Plays A Family Matriarch In New Projects

All the things that we think but often fail to express verbally come out in this film, and the fashion in which writer-director Evan Oppenheimer attacks each of these topics is groundbreaking and honest

Film Threat

A sweet and compelling movie about family and the love and loss therein

The Fandomentals

You might be in for a few surprises

Featuring Film

The Magnificent Meyersons could not come at a more perfect time … when we are all needing a little bit of drama with some feel-good in our movies

Hollywood Insider

Shoshannah Stern brings a welcome warmth and affection to the story in her relationship with girlfriend, Tammy (Lauren Ridloff)

In Their Own League

Shoshannah Stern is magnetic

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Well crafted by writer-director Evan Oppenheimer who not only creates a gallery of interesting people but of multiple, compelling relationships

Medved’s Entertainment Minute

A wonderful life drama, showing everyone how important listening can become

Movie Reviews 101

Original and interesting

The Real Film Cricket

Richard Kind spoke about the upcoming film, The Magnificent Meyersons

Solzy at the Movies

Filled with engaging performances and an interesting perspective, “The Magnificent Meyersons” is a disarming sort of film

The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews

Exceptional acting from an amazing cast

Jewish Voice & Opinion

The new film tells the tale of an extraordinary New York mishpocha hiding a toxic family secret

Atlanta Jewish Times