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Ralph Arlyck

I LIKE IT HERE... still

2022, 88 min

People talk or laugh about aging, its irritations and relentless progression, but rarely confront the reality of dying or being left alone. Nor do they consider the lightness and calmness that can come when the race seems not so crucial. I LIKE IT HERE is about all those things and, finally, about the pleasures of being alive. A figurehead of American independent documentary film, Ralph Arlyck conveys how it feels to look back on your own life, to contemplate your place in an ever-changing world, and what to make of the time that remains.


making peace with the physical and emotional obstacles of growing old, and pondering on the serenity and fulfilment that come with entering one’s final years

Ralph Arlyck on the Passing of Time, Having No Regrets, Staying Independent Tara Karijica, Variety

Deep and meaningful

Steve Kopian, Unseen Films